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Explore the rhythms of the tides, the lives of sea creatures, the shifting of rocks and sand, and the special habitats found in the Golden State of California–where the land meets the ocean. Obi Kaufmann's newest book, The Coasts of California features his signature watercolors and his expansive and accessible exploration of the biodiversity that defines California in the global imagination.

From the author of The California Field Atlas and Forests of California, this is a follow up that presents a shoreline odyssey tracing the California Coastal Trail in exquisite watercolors and pure poetic reverie, fusing science and art throughout. A treasure for any coast-lover, this book is a time capsule of enduring and endangered places, a geographic epic bursting with color.

Featuring over 400 of the author’s signature watercolors and maps, Obi Kaufmann invites readers on an odyssey from the rocky coast of Crescent City to the mosaic of the Channel Islands. In this ecological epic, Obi explores where land meets ocean—where most of the human population of the state lives and where its natural world is most threatened—painting a vision for a more sustainable future along the way.
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