Jeffrey Palladini Modern Figurative Paintings

Artist Jeffrey Palladini studied Art at California State University, Long Beach, where he explored a wide variety of media, eventually gravitating toward drawing and painting. It wasn't until his studies in Florence, Italy in 1989 that he began to form a consistent creative voice.

Follow this link to view Jeffrey's works for sale at Poet and/the Bench.

The ubiquitous beauty of art in everyday life in Italy had a profound effect on the young artist, and he began to experiment with combining the found objects and classical figurative imagery he found everywhere around him. From that time, Palladini has considered canvas simply too passive, and has continued to employ wood almost exclusively as the ground for his paintings. Born in Chicago and raised in Southern California, Palladini resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and daughter.

In his Hotel series, Fairfax artist Jeffrey Palladini invites us to experience his fascination with captured moments in time and where the viewer can only imagine what has happened before and after–the world of things outside the frame. "From one charged moment, the story extends infinitely in all directions. As in memory, all is viewed in snapshots, in glimpses. Complex narratives, transformative events, entire lifetimes, boiled down to these singular points in time." The viewer is left the imperative of exploring the vast remainder. 

Jeffrey also tackles the thesis of the influence on our lives of things just outside our control in his Fundamental Forces. This series looks at what remains as time moves forward, but part of us doesn't change.  

Follow this link to view Jeffrey's works for sale at Poet and/the Bench.

Jeffrey Palladini_Pool 30
Pool #30 / 36 x 48

Jeffrey Palladini_Chaise 12
Chaise #12 / 13 x 49

Jeffrey Palladini_Sequence #3_Poet and the Bench
Sequence #3 / 31 x 41

Jeffrey Palladini_Negation Conditional_Poet and the Bench
Negation: Conditional #2 / 30 x 40

Jeffrey Palladini_That Thing That Follows You
That Thing That Follows You / 13 x 5 x 19 (angled)

Jeffrey Palladini_Again Again
Again Again / 25 x 33

Jeffrey Palladini_The Long Look Back
The Long Look Back / 10.5 x 60.5

Jeffrey Palladini_Shift
Shift #1 / 30 x 30

As of October 1, we have just installed Jeffrey's new Thread Series in the shop. 

In this brand new work, the random looping and twisting patterns of a dropped length of twine are a seductive metaphor for the way we get from our aims and dreams to the outcomes. But, as Jeffrey reflects, “the more you try to exert control the random creeps in, [and] it turns out that the more you try to represent the random the more control creeps in.” 

Jeffrey Palladini_Thread Series 6_East
Thread Series #6 / East / 17 x 24

Jeffrey Palladini_Thread Series 2 and 3
Thread Series #3 and #4 / Pale Blue and Blue, Almost Black  / 22 x 30 (unframed)

Jeffrey Palladini_Thread Series 1
Thread Series #1 / 16 x 20

Jeffrey Palladini_Thread Series_7_eventual
Thread Series #7 / Eventual / 12x16 / unframed (Sold)

Jeffrey Palladini_Thread Series_4 lobby_5 balcony
Thread Series #4 / Lobby and Thread Series #5 / Balcony / 9 x 13


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Follow this link to view Jeffrey's works for sale at Poet and/the Bench.
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