Permanent Jewelry Process

Get custom fit permanent jewelry bracelets, necklaces and anklets without a clasp that we join on your wrist at Poet and/the Bench in Mill Valley by in house jeweler Jeffrey Levin. Our "Together" link chains celebrate a moment... with yourself or others! You can pre-purchase and make an appointment or we accept walk-ins Thursdays-Sundays! #getlinked #doittogether

Permanent jewelry is quite poetic… It creates a memory keepsake of a special occasion or milestone. It’s also a personal, sentimental permanent bond you create together with your besties, sisters, daughters, bridesmaids, brothers, sons, a commitment bond with your significant other, or a commitment to yourself. An infinite bracelet is a daily affirmation that you are fabulous! 

"Together" Permanent Jewelry Chains
We use 14k solid gold chain from Italy for its durability and radiant shine and delicate styled chains including Paperclip Chain Links, Figaro Chain Links, Cuban chain and Diamond Cut Cable Chain Links. It’s fun to wear one or many thin dainty permanent bracelets or anklets together. If you need to snip a permanent bracelet, anklet or necklace off for any reason, you easily can! 

Permanent Bracelets in Mill Valley at Poet and the Bench

Permanent bracelets, anklets and necklaces are joined without a clasp so you don't ever take it off until it breaks or it is snipped off, like a forever bracelet or friendship bracelet. In-house jeweler Jeffrey Levin welds the chain link bracelet, anklet or necklace for you himself. The welding or linking/zapping/fusing process is pretty quick, non-invasive and totally painless. 

Accessorize your Together permanent bracelet with Jeffrey Levin’s super cute tiny charms and connectors. Pending availability, this may include: tiny hearts, tiny flowers, tiny skulls, tiny fish, tiny initials, tiny medallions and tiny diamond drops! All hand carved first in wax by Jeffrey and then cast.

Permanent Jewelry / How it Works
1 Choose your Italian link chains from our selection

2 Jeffrey will measure* the link chain around your wrist, ankle or neck, looking for a comfortable every day fit.

The permanent bracelets, anklets and necklaces are genderless and women will likely be 6-8 inches for wrists; men will likely be 7.5-8.5 inches for wrists; anklets vary, typically larger than the wrist size; and necklaces can be 14" for a choker length fit, 16" at the collar or clavicle, or 18" and longer pending preference. 

*Once the chain is cut, it is final sale, so please make sure you are happy with the style and length before Jeffrey cuts the chain!

3 Jeffrey cuts the chain, and then the process of fusing happens

4 Jeffrey fuses a new link closed using an arc welder to attach the two ends together. A piece of leather or other protective material will be placed between the chain and your wrist. The zapping is pretty quick and makes a brief spark. We’ll provide protective dark glasses for you at this stage! Sometimes it takes 2 zaps to fully close the link. 

5 Jeffrey then finishes it with a fiberglass buffer

6 You wear your Together Permanent Jewelry as a lasting adornment

The process can take anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes total. 

Get Linked!

Private Parties
Want to book a private permanent jewelry party with your own crew after hours at our shop in Mill Valley, CA or inquire about an event off-site nearby? Get in touch here: inquire