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Jeffrey Levin custom jewelry

For those seeking a truly unique, special piece, Jeffrey Levin crafts custom handmade jewelry by special order. Design engagement rings and wedding bands, revive an old heirloom or realize a symbolic design.

True to his artisan roots, Jeffrey crafts each piece by hand, using the ancient lost-wax process. He blends newer techniques with time-honored practices in order to optimize the beauty of his medium – for example, he also employs the traditional method of fabricating his jewel masters in metal.

What I love about making jewelry:

  • the connection to clients with custom work–helping you realize dreams
  • the connection to clients with my bridal/groom design–seeing your unity symbolized
  • the connection to the raw materials–working them into something beautiful and meaningful
  • the connection to narrative–translating my lived experiences and inspirations, and yours, into stories that become heirlooms

Jeffrey Levin Custom Jewelry Mill Valley San Francisco Bay Area

Each bespoke design is a considered relationship between you and Jeffrey to bring to life meaningful adornment. 

Jeffrey's custom process is all about making the discovery, design and selection a special, inspired experience. Whether it's celebrating your unique love in engagement rings, wedding bands, commitment jewelry or anniversary presents, or creating a bespoke design to treasure because it's uniquely you.  

A consultation is not an obligation to purchase. Jeffrey works with you to make the process of learning about designing engagement rings and wedding bands, or other custom jewelry, personal and approachable. We'd love to work with you!

There are 4 phases: Consultation, Design, Production and Adorn. 


In our in person or virtual Consultation we review any ideas and inspirations that you have or I work to help you find the essence of a design for us to explore by asking you a variety of questions and showing you my work. We discuss the type of piece, if you have any family gems you want to incorporate or if I will source new or vintage gems, the type of precious metal you want, we discuss your style and the size of the jewelry. We also discuss timing, my design fee and your budget range so we can be sure that the design ideas can be realized. 

My custom jewelry budgets include a design fee and costs for implementation and start in the $1,200 range. A 75% deposit is required to begin. Timing can range from 4-6 weeks to a few months depending on my schedule and the design.


In the Design phase, I work on new drawings or adaptations of current designs in my collection. I review these with you and provide one round of iterations as necessary. With an approved design, metals, and gems, I proceed with carving the design in wax. I keep working the wax form until I have created your unique design.

I do have a unique “handwriting” which comes through in each piece that I carve. The subtle or remarkable details are created within a frame of reference of mere millimeters.

I share the wax design with you for approval. Once I have an approved wax, I can give you a more final budget based on the expected weight of the metal and any research I've undertaken to locate the perfect stones.


Production involves lost wax casting, polishing and finishing, which is a worked method applied to each individual piece. For rings or pendants with stones, after casting, I polish the setting and get it ready for setting diamonds and gems. Once set, I make any final finishing to the piece to make it ready.


And finally, Adorn. The excitement of handing over a unique piece that I hope will bring you joy for many years to come.

Jeffrey Levin_Custom Engagement Ring_Design Process_Carve Wax Jeffrey Levin_Custom Engagement Ring_Design Process_Carve Wax_Fit Diamond
Jeffrey Levin_Custom Engagement Ring_Design Process_Carve Wax Ring Shape Jeffrey Levin_Custom Engagement Ring_Design Process_Wax Ring Model
Jeffrey Levin_Custom Engagement Ring_Design Process_Rose Gold_Diamond Jeffrey Levin_Custom Engagement Ring_Architectural Ring Setting_Diamond

Visit Jeffrey's collection online at Poet and/the Bench or Jeffrey's jewelry website to see more of his work:

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To consult with Jeffrey, book an appointment here. For any inquiries, feel free to email Jeffrey. Review our location and hours here