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Jeffrey Levin custom jewelry

For those seeking a truly unique, special piece, Jeffrey Levin  crafts custom handmade jewelry by special order. Design engagement rings and wedding bands, revive an old heirloom or realize a symbolic design. Each bespoke design is a considered relationship between you and Jeffrey to bring to life meaningful adornment. Shop Jeffrey's eponymous collection online here

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 Jeffrey Levin_Jewelry_Custom Rings

His unique “handwriting” comes through in each piece that he carves. The subtle or remarkable details are created within a frame of reference of mere millimeters, through to the finish which is a worked method applied to each individual piece.

Jeffrey Levin_Jewelry_Custom Necklace_Diamond Ring

Jeffrey also creates jewelry using vintage, one-of-a-kind and found objects he has collected from around the world, remixed with new gems, Jeffrey's own designs or handcrafted additions. 

True to his artisan roots, Jeffrey crafts each piece by hand, using the ancient lost-wax process. He blends newer techniques with time-honored practices in order to optimize the beauty of his medium – for example, he also employs the traditional method of fabricating his jewel masters in metal.

Jeffrey Levin Jewelry_Custom Diamond Rings

Visit Jeffrey's collection online at Poet and/the Bench or Jeffrey's jewelry website to see more of his work: and to consult with Jeffrey, email Jeffrey or call Monday through Friday, 10:30am to 5:00pm PST (Closed Tuesday) 415-569-4383.