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Jeffrey Levin (pronounced ‘lehveen’) is the resident master jeweler, goldsmith and co-founder of Poet and/the Bench. As Jeffrey's jewelry workshop, Poet and/the Bench is where he creates fine, signature and custom jewelry for women and men. In addition to his eponymous collection, Jeffrey designs commitment rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, special occasion gifts, reimagines old heirlooms into new ones and collaborates with clients to realize bespoke, one-of-kind pieces. 

Born in Cape Town, South Africa to parents of Egyptian-French and Lithuanian provenance, Jeffrey discovered jewelry early in life. At age 12, his father became a partner in the family jewelry business. Jeffrey grew up in the workshops, observing and increasingly enamored with the art of custom jewelry making. He pursued a formal 4 year apprenticeship, working under journeymen and completing National Technical Certificates in jewelry theory, gemology, maths and design/drawing before he left South Africa for New York, followed by Los Angeles and now the Bay Area. Jeffrey designs and manufactures using the lost-wax casting method and is a collector of objects of appreciation—an influence he attributes to his mother, Rosette. Read more here and visit Jeffrey's jewelry website to see more of his work: or here to view his collection at Poet and/the Bench.


Abacus Row_Christine Trac_Poet and the Bench
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San Francisco-based Christine Trac is the designer of Abacus Row. She has an aesthetic for rich materials and simple composition, and a strong appreciation for detail in design and craftsmanship. A background in ethnographic research and environmental conservation shapes Christine's direction on design and process. She is focused on designing jewelry that emphasizes the beauty of small details and timeless styles, and is inspired by a process of production that celebrates craft and community. 

Adeline Jewelry at Poet and the Bench
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Lindsay Olson's designs embody a new modern, geometric aesthetic. Architectural forms are refined in design with precious gems and unusual colored semi-precious adornments. Named after her great grandmother Adele, Lindsay’s jewelry collection, with socially and environmentally ethical techniques, is a contemporary nod to the familial practice of passing down heirlooms.

Danielle Welmond Jewelry_Poet and the Bench
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While living in Italy and France, Danielle Welmond become obsessed with lace-making and was determined to discover how to bring that to jewelry. She is inspired by her love of the delicacy and feminine form of lace, the mesmerizing power of beautifully combined gems, and the inert nature of fine metal. Danielle merges the three elements to create a style of jewelry that has become her signature design: weaving gems with fine threads and precious metals. Crafted from her Southern California and East Bay studios, her stunning jewelry has a regal flare with a modern aesthetic.

Krista Gambrel_Ende Collective
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Krista Gambrel’s fascination with shape and form were inspired by a distinct moment in her life, when at around 10 years old, she discovered Michelangelo's marble carvings on the internet. She quickly took to filling and freezing balloons to then chip away at the frozen material with her father's hammer and nails. This sculptural and architectural approach can be seen today in her Ende Collection, crafted in San Francisco. Her clean aesthetic and modern design commingle with her articulation of shape shifters in society, most frequently legendary women who’ve managed to redefine the female role in society. 

Erin Cuff Jewelry at Poet and the Bench
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Inspired by the desert, modernism, mid century design, folk art, her upbringing in the southwestern United States, and her gemologist-jeweler grandmother, Erin's jewelry carries an equal balance of elegance, utilitarianism, and sentiment. Both In structure and style, they are built to last a lifetime and then some. After working in Oakland and San Francisco for over a decade, Erin now calls a former diary ranch in Santa Rosa home and the location of her studio.

Esther Sullivan_Esther Metals_Jewelry
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Esther Sullivan earned a metalsmithing degree from Montana State University in 2005, and after working with jewelers in Vermont and Bozeman she launched her eponymous collection, Esther Metals. She works out of her downtown Bozeman studio where she hand fabricates her designs—industrial forms built with textured material and highly oxidized metal matched with bright 14k and 18k gold. Her jewelry is refined and thoughtful; each piece has a one-of-a-kind feel and a deep connection to the earth.

Franny E Fine_Jewelry_Poet and the Bench
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We have been coveting the work of Elizabeth Strathern for a few years. Her hand-formed jewelry speaks to craft in the most brilliant of raw meets delicate meets fierce heroine. Her Franny E Fine collection masterfully melds together ancient themes with contemporary design and subjects. We're thrilled to feature this jewelry from Vancouver, Canada in the shop!

Loren Lewis Cole_Jewelry
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Loren Lewis Cole communicates though her jewelry something about where she’s from–not just culturally, but in a bigger sense of how she sees the world. She considers jewelry to contain many layers and levels; it’s an artifact of unparalleled complexity and mystery. Loren’s collection evokes sensuality and of global adornment  with an ancestral edge, often inspired by her travels and conversations with the people, especially women, she meets along the way.

Poet and the Bench_Maddalena Bearzi
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Maddalena Bearzi is a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, scientist and author. She has a Ph.D. in Biology and is president of the research and environmental non-profit Ocean Conservation Society. We love that in Maddalena’s jewelry, you can see the influences of her work in the natural environment and which comes through in her use of environmentally-friendly practices. Her jewelry is organic, earthy, elegant and with that right bit of edge. 

Mariella Pilato_Poet and the Bench
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Mariella Pilato is originally from Sorrento, Italy, and was educated at the Accademia de Belle Arti in Napes and Florence. She now lives in Bali where she has evolved her craft, using gems and materials in bold and unusual ways. Her Italian heritage, linked to heroic legends, myths and mermaids, combined with the magical history and ancient arts of the Indonesian archipelago push both her imagination and creativity to new artistic levels. We're so fortunate to carry examples of her collections that marry style and innovation.

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Olivia Shih_Poet and the Bench
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We were struck by the geometric and architectural shapes featured in Olivia Shih's jewelry collection. They have bold strength and at the same time an elegant grace. She hand sculpts each piece transforming the acrylic and brass into textural jewelry. Olivia's collection landed across the Bay from her Oakland studio. 

Roam Vintage Modernist Jewelry at Poet and the Bench
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Natasha Garrett was born and raised in Northern California, a place where she draws a great deal of her inspiration. Its vast landscapes and tonal color palettes have always played significant roles in her creative work. A career in wardrobe styling took her around the world, strengthening her love of travel and world cultures. Influenced by a desire to grow beyond mainstream fashion and offering clients a more sustainable option through pre-loved clothing and home goods, Natasha started her own vintage shop in Roam Vintage. Roam is more than her endless love of the hunt for beautiful things with history–Natasha has expanded her brand, designing an In House vintage-inspired collection of jewelry and clothing. 

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Trevi began their craft journey at age twelve in industrial arts summer camps at The Crucible in West Oakland. Following a BFA in Jewelry / Metal Arts from California College of the Arts, and Artist in Residence programs they launched Trevitrove. The collection is comprised of abstracted details of nature with experimentation of traditional metalsmithing techniques–clean lines, bold yet simple shapes, and calling attention to otherwise unsung details.

Variance Objects_Jewelry
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Nicole Rimedio and Scott Zankman are the creators behind Variance Objects, the enchanting jewelry line that honors the natural beauty of raw  materials. A trained architect, Nicole’s collection is edgy and elegant, inspired by rediscovery of ancient and antique jewelry. Scott manages visuals and operations and together, they have a passion for sourcing the finest gem specimens, which they hand cut. Variance’s signature mixed precious metal bands are made of 14-24k yellow, rose and white gold embedded into oxidized sterling silver. Each setting is unique to the stone,
giving you a one-of-a-kind look.

Yellow Jewellery by Jess Lea
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Yellow designer Jess Lea combines minimalism with a youthful edge to create her unique approach to jewellery making. The Sculpture Series is a love story about freedom. It embodies emotional expression through movement and free forming shapes. Her Icon jewellery was inspired by pop art and fashion—graphic jewelry that make a statement, no matter the size.


Denise Carletta Pinched Clay Human Figures
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While studying abroad in Greece and Italy, imagery of the ancient artists inspired Denise to create legends and myths of her own. "My art is steeped in the tradition of contemporary figurative drawing and sculpting, specifically portraiture and the human form. Using a combination of mediums, layers naturally occur in my work. Through this stratum of mark-making, personas emerge in a captured moment. True stories, moral tales or something left unsaid, my characters sway in an ambiguous world constructed of scraped paint, erased lines, pinched clay, and smudged marks."

Rachel Hebert and Kate Nicholson at Poet and the Bench
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Individually, Rachel and Kate are accomplished artists. Together, they work in collaboration to bring depth and connection to our world through visual, written and oral media. They say that listening is their super-power, where the magic in surrendering results in a new alchemy. It takes trust and respect and an ability to set aside ego. Each contributing, pushing themselves and each other to explore new depths of their work. Their newest paintings are about moving from the breaking through to the horizon. 

Jean Jack_Paintings_Poet and the Bench
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We have long admired the paintings by Maine-based Jean Jack in the design office of her daughter and Mill Valley-based interior designer Kress Jack. Jean's artwork conveys the quiet dignity of architectural shapes as she rearranges them, tries them out from different perspectives, composes them in varying color relationships, and emphasizes the specific beauty of different forms. She loves these buildings for their imperfections and idiosyncrasies; and it is both impossible and unimportant to know exactly when or where these places exist, because they are creations of the artist. We are thrilled to bring Jean's work to our new Poet and/the Bench location in Downtown Mill Valley.

Jeffrey Palladini_Poet and the Bench
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Jeffrey Palladini has been painting for the past 20 years. His work has been exhibited in solo, group and juried exhibitions and is included in many private and corporate collections. There is a thread of the familiar in his work, a result of a gradual evolution over time, where each artwork informs the next. You can look at his paintings from fifteen years ago, and follow that forward to what he’s currently working on in the studio, and while you will see experimentation and evolution, the changes form a consistent and recognizable continuum. 
“Jeffrey’s compositions are compelling not only for their emotive quality wherein we can find our own mirror, there is a graphical quality in the bold chromatic aesthetic, and perhaps familiar notes of the Swiss Style in his pursuit of simplicity,” shares Bonnie Powers, Poet and/the Bench co-founder.

Laura Roebuck_Poet and the Bench
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The paintings of Laura Roebuck highlight the interplay of color, shape, and texture with intuition and movement. She brings her background in psychology into the abstract concepts of her work–art became both therapeutic for her and a way of self-expression during more challenging times of her career. Laura's work also reimagines everyday worn-in objects into mixed media art. We love how Laura's art holds space in compelling ways, allowing your mind to wander. 

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The (OMG covetable) “Toro” Sculpture by Austyn Taylor is a shining example of her figurative work, existing where Hieronymus Bosch meets Picasso. The red bull calls back to our animist history where wandering spirits found refuge in masks and idols. Toro was made with Poet and/the Bench in mind and sold in 2018. We are now featuring a full collection of Austyn's ceramic sculptures at the shop, each marries Austyn’s view on contemporary design with pop culture. She believes there is nothing more brutally honest than working with clay, its natural authentic expression of touch is so influenced by our inner dialogs there is revealed our life’s novel in each piece. "Lucky us, animals that imagine being human." 

Nico van Dongen | Fine Art Photography | San Francisco
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Nico van Dongen is a fine art photographer, designer and educator. The journey of the “Concerning Trees” project started in 2015. Botanical studio photography taught Nico to closely observe and capture what grows in our natural world. The transition from blossom to tree was enormous: Capturing that inner feeling of release as well as raised awareness, when you are amongst trees. These time-based photographs allow you to stand in the light as he perceives it; surreal and in motion. The visual impression of the final multi layered image, allows the mind to float between space and time for one moment.



Bob Dinetz Pottery_Poet and the Bench
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Bob Dinetz is an accomplished graphic designer and a member of The Berkeley Potter’s Studio. Years of collecting Japanese and American pottery inspired him to explore making pottery of his own and we were thrilled when we saw Bob's stunning ceramic work. His wheel-thrown pottery happily lack the industrial precision of machine-made ceramics—sensual shapes, naked clay and glazes. Each piece is numbered to indicate the pounds of clay used and the type of clay—from mix, mix with grog, recycled and soldate 60 to black mountain and porcelain.

 Ian Hazard Bill Ceramic Basin_Mendocino Art Center
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Ian Hazard-Bill makes his ceramic work on the wheel and with a unique slab-building technique. The one-of-a-kind glazes are a result of firing his pieces in wood or salt/soda kilns. Born and raised in Marin County, Ian started working in clay in high school and earned a B.A. in Ceramics and Community-based Sustainability from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Various apprenticeships, artist in residency programs and teaching workshops followed. He is currently the Ceramics Program Coordinator at the Mendocino Art Center.

Poet and the Bench_Julems Ceramics
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Originally from the Netherlands, Judith Lemmens' roots can be found in Dutch Design. After a career in interior design and later illustration, she has been working in ceramics since 2015 from her Mill Valley studio. Jeffrey was a 2016 judge for the annual Mill Valley Arts Festival where Judith Lemmens was exhibiting her handmade ceramics. All three judges on the panel unanimously honored Judith a Best in Show. It was only natural we would then visit her studio—and get to know more about the Julems collection, her strong sense of object and her decorative approach. 

Kikuko Kohno Porcelain Ceramics

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Daily life is connected to mysterious and fantastic lands, home of dragons and other incredible creatures–where people from foreign lands dance with celestial maidens. “The fantastic world is my hometown, it captured me once and never let me go.” Kikuko Kohno creates stories expressed through inlay designs carved into wheel thrown porcelain. You can feel the moist whiteness and texture of the unglazed porcelain in her collection.

Shimoda_Poet and the Bench
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Kelly Shimoda of Shimoda Ceramics makes hand built ceramics, including jewelry, tableware, and sculptural pieces from her Berkeley studio. Her work has a visceral quality, inspired by observations of landscape, the natural world, textiles, and metallic elements. Her blocks and figures capture a strong element of play. Her wallhangings beg to be transformed regularly. Her jewelry is a study in texture, both tactile and visual. 

Sisters Ceramics
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Sisters Ceramics are pottery characters at the beginning of the road, and trying out ideas. If you're reading this, we're not real like you. But we each have personal and real reasons for doing pottery: Massa is regular, straight and true; Kimmi is research driven; and Koko, just way way out there. You might wonder how our fictional battles materialize into bowls, cups and plates. Sometimes we wonder ourselves!! We like our pottery to feel ordinary and real, and it's so great when someone reports back they use it everyday. Some work is simple and quiet, some louder, some feels like it came out of the ground like a potato. Great to be sisters, but also happy to be different. 

Whitney Sharpe_The Latch Key
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Whitney Sharpe is an Oakland-based artist with a handcrafted ceramic studio where she makes all of her stunning sculptural home decor and installation-scale wall hangings, and under the Latch Key brand, jewelry, smaller wall hangings and home decor. Whitney first started working with clay as a child. She received formal training in the fine arts at Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus in ceramics, textiles, sculpture, and painting. From this multi-medium education, Whitney was able to explore traditional and craft based mediums while converging intention, concept and quality.



Amphora Nueva Olive Oil and Vinegar | Poet and the Bench
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The Amphora Nueva family is dedicated to providing Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (UPEVOO), meeting the most strict criteria, but at accessible pricing so everyone can enjoy. The Ultra Premium standard has as its principal barometers in chemistry and freshness–two variables which can be objectively measured, quantified, and certified. Amphora Nueva also makes Whole Fruit Infused EVOO and super high quality and aromatic Italian Balsamic and Infused Vinegars.

Cru Chocolate Cacao Bar and Cacao Drinking Chocolate at Poet and the Bench
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Cru Chocolate founder Karla McNeil-Rueda was raised in Honduras and moved to the US to pursue degrees in Engineering and Sustainability. She then studied Cacao technology and fine chocolate confectionery at the Chocolate Institute of Latin America and the Caribbean in La Habana, Cuba. Karla and her partner Eddie Houston make hand crafted bean to bar cacao creations–cacao chocolate bars and cacao drinking chocolate– with migration stories we can all taste. Sharing the richness and beauty of the ancient and still living cacao and chocolate culture while advocating for justice both at the farm level and for the climate.

 Spice Tribe_Discovery Box_Masa Mole_Mama Manje_Porcini Paradiso
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Spice Tribe is a new addition to our Ethical Pantry. Created by Trent Blodgett, a passionate foodie who grew up in both the family kitchen and as a professional in restaurants. Discover gourmet, Chef-driven and travel-inspired spice blends and single-origin spices, herbs and seasonings. A world of flavor for your table, and imaginative gifts that celebrate the beautiful cultures that make up our global communities.

Terasu_Culinary_poet and the bench
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Terasu is a Sausalito and Tokyo-based creative studio rooted in Mountain, Ocean, and Food culture producing cooking tools and independent publications both locally and from Japan. Working with a variety of artists, chefs, and makers across many mediums they aim to illuminate new perspectives by bringing into a focus a variety of living things. The result is a convergence of skills, materials, and ideas and products that include Japanese cooking tools, serving boards, and aprons along with printed matter.



Kaja Skytte
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Kaja Skytte is an architect and home goods designer out of Copenhagen, Denmark and with a special focus on materials and the playful interaction between space and gravity. We discovered Kaja and her studio when we were walking through the Vesterbro neighborhood of Copenhagen. The Galaxy Globe mobiles hanging in the window captured our attention with their modern, jewel-like elegance resembling small solar systems. Her Planteplaneter are based on a traditional Japanese technique and we loved the way they made the plants heroic in their suspension. We wanted more. While bringing plants from overseas wasn't possible, we're excited to share Kaja's Galaxy Globes, Halos and Hangers. 

Shop Moebe

This Copenhagen-based design company is the product of 2 architects and a cabinet maker who believe in keeping it simple, yet still aesthetically pleasing. Moebe focuses on the essentials, keeping their output analogue while staying curious, thereby creating intuitive and honest products. We were drawn to their inventive use of elegant wood materials held together by rubber bands and sought out their showroom while we were in Copenhagen. 



Adrienne Rogers Textiles Handmade, Hand Knit, Hand Loomed, Hand Felted

Hand-made, richly textured and sumptuous textiles by Adrienne Rogers, who practices hand-knitting, wet and dry felting, and hand-loomed pieces. In her scarves, blanket throws and pillows, Adrienne conceives of patterns that are translated into novel stitches, transforming yarn into unexpected sculptural forms that engage all the senses. 

Poet and the Bench_Kudd Krig
SoCal company Küdd:Krig, which translates in Swedish to "pillow fight," makes luxury pillows and blankets with intriguing designs, pattern manipulation and hand-loomed heavyweight cotton. Founder and designer Kalla McGuire marries her loves for painting and interior design by creating handmade pieces that make any home feel like a stroke of genius. All items feature ethically-sourced materials and the rich shades and textured fabrics for the blankets are lined with ultra-soft faux sherpa or faux fur backing. No two pieces are exactly alike, making each work a one-of-a-kind.



DJ Macoe Swett
Listen to DJ Macoe

Originally from the east coast, Macoe calls San Diego home. She fell in love with electronic music and started mixing in the late 90s. Her influences include DJ's and producers from around the world–Germany, France, Brazil, Russia, Hungary. Her genre-bending mixes are made for more than just dancing, although feel free to move your body to the beats if you feel inspired! Macoe is also an art director at a branding agency, a vegan, and a kitten foster mom. She loves thick novels, foreign movies and matcha tea on a daily basis.

Marlon Regis-DJ Pelau-Brooklyn-Mixtape Music
Listen to DJ Pelau

Now based in NY but always focused on the world, Caribbean-born Marlon 'DJ Pelau' Regis (pronounced “Peh-Laow”), is a multi-talented music stylist that has always lived being surrounded by rich music via life’s travels. Whether in his youthful days on the festive, multicultural streets of his birthplace in Trinidad, right home in Petit Valley listening to his dad's enormous jazz collection (his older brother's name is 'Miles') or in his adopted homes of Atlanta, NYC, Los Angeles and now Brooklyn, the direction of his music through DJing or producing compilations first aims to connect to the people. With an unwillingness to limit himself to one particular genre or social scene for that matter, expect a wide variety, but always with soul



Ineke Perfume
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Ineke Rühland is a classically trained perfumer who studied at the ISIPCA in Versailles, France, the only university-level perfumery school in the world. Ineke's experience as a professional nose, travels in the Netherlands, England and France, continued studies with sojourns to Grasse and a 3 year apprenticeship at a fragrance house in Paris coalesced in her own perfume "stories". From her base in San Francisco, she continues to expand her Alphabet Collection, a journey of the ABC's, currently with the latest release of J for her stunning, suede-like scent Jaipur Chai. 

S+M Sense and Memories Fragrances by Manuela KingShop S+M Fragrances x Poet and/the Bench

Sense + Memories Fragrances by Manuela King explore the harmonious connection to nature and our own nature. As a landscape architect, Manuela's familiarity with the botanical nature of plants and their natural properties influences her foundation in perfume design, with parfum, the most concentrated form of fragrance, as her sublime result. Her beautifully crafted botanical perfume oils capture the idea that nature can bring humans into a more balanced living relationship, while scent can transport you to another time and place.


Pure Mana Hawaii_Poet and the Bench
Shop Pure Mana

Pure Mana Hawaii is a stunning example of clean beauty. Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Eco-Friendly and Non-GMO, their products have a foundation in organic macadamia nut oils from their Mahina Mele farm. One of nature’s most powerful skincare treasures, macadamia nuts are replete with anti-oxidants and fatty acids. Few other oils can match all of its health benefits to the skin. Get glowing from the inside and out and experience beauty for the planet and your skin.⁠


Tres Nomad_Silk_Elements
Shop Trés Nomad

Très Nomad is an exciting, new “slow fashion” company–women owned and operated, based in Sausalito, California. Très Nomad empowers you to look good, live well and make a positive impact on the world.



Linda Benenati
Shop Linda Benenati

Linda Benenati studied art and English and had a career in graphics and writing prior to discovering encaustic painting. She loves the interplay of images and themes and often begins an artwork with a simple lyric, a favorite phrase or vivid memory. Colorful, humorous and provocative, she is also inspired by the art masters, theater, 1920’s and 30’s collectibles, bees, dogs, cats and anything French.

Grace Estrada Paintings

Shop Grace Estrada

Grace Estrada is a multi-hyphenate: artist and entrepreneur. She formerly operated two outposts of her and husband Oliver’s Scout West County retail shops and previously, the Kitty Hawk gallery, both of which exhibited her paintings and drawings alongside Oliver’s illustration work. A graduate of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she paints in a narrative style that evokes an “out there” charming, and a bit edgy, sensibility.

Michael Cheney Skeleton Screenprints and Ceramics
Shop Michael Cheney

Michael’s ideas come to him “like a lightbulb on top of my head.” He has been creating art professionally since 2005, honing his screenprinting, painting and drawing. “My favorite thing to do is watch someone smile ear to ear when they see my art,” he says. “When I found art, I dropped my sword and shield and picked up my paintbrush.” Michael is mentored by Alchemia, a nonprofit organization that supports neurodiverse artists to share their voices through the visual, performing, and creative arts.

Melissa Holden art_Block Prints_Poet and the Bench
Shop Melissa Holden

Melissa Holden is a Bay Area printmaker. She uses shape, color, line, space and pattern to create the balance and counter point in her abstract limited edition prints. 
Her graphic block prints are produced using a relief block printing method that she developed, mixing her own colors for full control over the result. The technique highlights crisp lines and shapes as well as the natural texture left from a hand pulled block print; printed by hand on handmade Japanese papers with safe wash oil-based inks. Melissa’s original illustrations in black and white communicate a delightful narrative with their distinct creative style, use of heavy black ink and white space. The minimal silhouettes and vignettes are charming individually, for any age, and we love them paired together and combined on a collage wall.

Karen McAlister Shimoda
Shop Karen Shimoda

Largely self-taught in the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, collage, book making, and painting, Karen McAlister Shimoda is influenced by materials, color, and size. She has found that working with semi-transparent Dura-Lar, a plastic substrate, is encouraging her to paint more freely and fluently. She uses both sides of the Dura-Lar in her micro paintings, giving them added depth and contrast. These "littles" are 4" square and explore color and discovering how colors and combinations of color can portray an emotional expression. Through her Field Notes, Karen is developing an ethics of seeing and inhabiting the natural world, in which she interprets both an affirmation, in arrangement and evolution, of the human-made world, as well as an exhortation on how to function and behave in an organic, responsible way, within the human-made world’s increasing digression away from it.


Obi Kaufmann
Shop Obi Kaufmann

A birthday gift to Jeffrey of The California Field Atlas introduced us to the world of Obi Kaufmann, naturalist, author, artist, poet, teacher. Obi pairs data with art in his stunning and compelling way; each page, each experience with his books invites us to discover aspects of our beautiful and complicated state and inspires us to joyfully adventure, dig deeper and help protect its natural environment. Come take a walk in Obi's world with us! 

Shop Pretty Good Advice by Leslie Blodgett

Leslie Blodgett's story is anything but ordinary. As CEO of BareMinerals, she reinvented how beauty was sold by tapping into the power of community before the idea of social media existed. She led one of the largest cosmetic IPOs of the decade, and in 2010, the company was acquired for $1.8 billion. Pretty Good Advice features 97 candid and entertaining insights on business, life, and beauty. Personal and often surprising, it's full of frank, actionable advice to help light a fire under you.

Shop Terasu

Terasu is a Sausalito and Tokyo-based creative studio rooted in Mountain, Ocean, and Food culture producing cooking tools and independent publications both locally and from Japan. Working with a variety of artists, chefs, and makers across many mediums they aim to illuminate new perspectives by bringing into a focus a variety of living things. The result is a convergence of skills, materials, and ideas and products that includes stunning editorial Zines and coffee table books in addition to culinary tools.

Truth to Paper_Poetry_Poems_Kate Nicholson_Rachel Hebert
For Truth to Paper, artist duo Rachel Hebert and Kate Nicholson work together in a collaborative process writing poetry, making visual art and creating experiences. We love how they are bringing contemporary poetry into the world and off the page–language that speaks to the human condition and moves us. Stunningly romantic, powerful, compelling. We are enamored with Truth to Paper’s printed matter that feels more like art in any form: place card, greeting card or artwork.