Permanent Jewelry FAQs

Celebrate a close, intimate relationship together with someone you love, including yourself! Our "Together" Permanent bracelets, anklets and necklaces create a memory keepsake of a special occasion or milestone. Come to our shop in Mill Valley and let's #doittogether #getlinked

Do I Need an Appointment?

  • We recommend securing your permanent chain by pre-buying. Make your chain and length selection on our website along with your appointment all in the same place. We can adjust length and pricing once you're in our shop.
  • We only secure appointments with pre-bought bracelets. We are zapping permanent jewelry Thursday-Sunday or call if you need a special appointment day!
  • Walk-ins are welcome based on availability of chain and open time slots but please note, we give priority to appointments. If we run out of chain, we will have more within a few days. 

Does the Welding Hurt?
No, permanent jewelry welding is non-invasive and pain free! The permanent jewelry tools are basic tweezers, a clamp and a buffer and the arc welder is a micro zapper making just a small flash. Jeffrey Levin, Poet and/the Bench co-founder, is the in house jeweler who does all the fusing. We place a piece of leather between your skin and the welder to protect from any small sparks. We also provide dark protective glasses for you to wear. Final buffing is done by hand.  

How Long is Permanent, Really?
We can’t guarantee anything for forever as we don’t know your lifestyle, but for many the Together Permanent Jewelry lasts years. For others, who use their hands for adventurous or strenuous activities, or have little hands that pull on things, it may need to be re-linked on a shorter schedule. Or a new chain might need to be bought if it has stretched from being pulled.  

Age Requirements? 
Anyone under the age of 16 will be required to have a parent or guardian present. We restrict permanent jewelry to children 10 and over. Please be aware that younger children may grow out of it over time and we highly suggest that you keep an eye on the fit as they wear it. 

Let's Do This!
Come to Poet and/the Bench in Mill Valley for permanent jewelry and let's celebrate your fave relationships together with someone you love, including yourself!

Get Linked!

Private Parties
Want to book a private permanent jewelry party with your own crew after hours at our shop in Mill Valley, CA or inquire about an event off-site nearby? Get in touch here: inquire