Jamie Kelty Fine Art Mixed Media and Collage

San Francisco-based fine artist and educator Jamie Kelty employs story at the heart of her artworks. The raw materials and meticulous details in Jamie's collages and mixed media paintings are magical worlds she creates to reflect memories, history and a crafted world of design.  

Jamie’s detailed scenes use drawn images the artist cuts from her sketchbook, torn assorted papers, found or recycled 3-dimensional objects and other detritus in various forms. Acrylic paint, ink, and drawing materials are used as an underpainting and to add details, texture and design to the artwork.

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“It’s amazing what one can find along a walk. Some plastic or metal piece that fell from a vehicle. The shape, the design, the history all resonate with me,” describes Jamie Kelty.

 Jamie Kelty Fine Art Collage and Mixed Media Painting Guitar Solo for Two

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