Austyn Taylor Sculpture Artist

Worldwide Artist in Residence-based Austyn Taylor’s figurative work, exists where Hieronymus Bosch meets Picasso. And marries Austyn’s view on contemporary design with pop culture. Inspired by American animation, Austyn's art calls back to our animist history where wandering spirits found refuge in masks and idols. Lucky us, animals that imagine being human.

Follow this link to view Austyn's works for sale at Poet and/the Bench.

Big Bunny / 23H (Sold)
Austyn Taylor Big Bunny Head

Big Horse / 23H (Sold)
Austyn Taylor Big Horse_Big Blue Horse_Ceramic Sculpture

Antelope / 17H x 11L x 7W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor Antelope Sculpture

Lucky Duck / 18H x 9.5L x 6W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor Lucky Duck Sculpture

Obscura (Drawn Tapir) / 17H x 14L x 9W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor Obscura | Drawn Tapir

Persistence / 15H x 15L x 5W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor Persistence Rocking Horse Sculpture

Fashion / 7.75L x 11H x 4W
Austyn Taylor_Fashion_Converse_Trojan Horse_Porcelain

Dark Horse / 12L x 15.25H x 4.5W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Dark Horse

Almost Everything Strange Washes Up Near Miami / 17L x 12.5H x 4W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Almost Everything Strange Washes Up Near Miami

Space Jam / 9L x8.5H x3.5W
Austyn Taylor_Space Jam 

Vision / 20.5L x 12H x 3.5W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Vision

Do Not Confuse Motion with Progress / 14L x 15.5H x 4.5W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Do Not Confuse Motion with Progress

The Trust of the Innocent is the Liar's Most Useful Tool 8.5L x 17.5H x 3.25W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_The Trust of the Innocent is the Liar's Most Useful Tool

From L to R:
Where? / 9.5L x 16.75H x 9W (Sold)
Why? / 8L x 13H x 5.25W (Sold)
What? / 8L x 15.75H x 8.5W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Where_Why_What?
Why? / 8L x 13H x 5.25W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Why?_White Rabbit

Dik-Dik / 4L x 9.5H x 5.5W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Dik-dik

Sneaky Duck / 9L x13H x6W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Sneaky Duck

Austyn Taylor_Sneaky Duck_Detail Austyn Taylor_Sneaky Duck_Detail

Pointing Red Rabbit / 6L x 12.25H x 9.75W (Sold)

Austyn Taylor_Pointing Red Rabbit

Toro II / 10L x 13H x 5W (Sold)
Austyn Taylor_Toro II

Toro (original) / 10L x 14H x 5W (Sold) 
Austyn Taylor_Toro

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