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Take a trip through the Golden State's forested lands in Obi Kaufmann's newest book, The Forests of California. You'll want to spend some time getting cozy on the couch or in a hammock with Obi's signature watercolor maps and trail paintings and his expansive and accessible exploration of the biodiversity that defines California in the global imagination.

From the author of The California Field Atlas this is a follow up that presents a profoundly original vision of nature in the twenty-first century. Expanding on the style of the Field Atlas, Obi tells an EPIC story that spans millions of years, nearly one hundred species of trees, and an astonishing richness of ecosystems.

For every purchase of the book made, we will donate $1 to the California Fire Foundation.


“I’ve explored the forests and they have explored me. In all my decades walking the California backcountry, I always find the same thing and I always feel the same way — I am of these forests and they are of me." ~ Obi Kaufmann

Highlighting, organizing, and clearly presenting California’s preciousness and its biological and ecological diversity is the beating heart of the book. As Edward Abbey said, there is California and then there is reality… Everything here is superlative. Although California only accounts for three percent of the land area of the United States, more than 30 percent of all plant and vertebrate species in the nation find habitat here. Presenting this living wealth is then presented in the book based on a nested concept of concentric circles representing how the arboreal world seems to arrange itself in patterns.

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