Laura Roebuck / Fine Art / Catalog

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Laura Roebuck, Paintings 2009–2019. A beautifully designed, printed and signed catalog featuring 10 years of work of Laura's artistic pursuit in abstract, gestural paintings. 

“Laura Roebuck has distilled a lifetime of creative observation and psychological exploration into an artistic language that conveys a unique sense of movement, texture, and color. Her paintings are a passageway to our inner thoughts that awaken our imagination. Laura’s paintings embody a rich history of experiences: from hospitals, lecture halls, and dance studios to villages in Asia and a rural Mexican clinic while also drawing on a bi-coastal relationship to the towns and beaches of New England and California.” ~ Susan Braham Koletsky / Museum Director

Laura's pursuit of saturated, intense color works, alternating with studies in neutrals, muted tones and monochromes are created using common household and construction tools, traditional palette knives, paintbrushes and found, broken and collected objects.
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