Laura Roebuck

Mill Valley-based Laura Roebuck's abstract paintings explore the interplay of color, shape, and texture with intuition and gestural movement. Her pursuit of saturated, intense color works, alternating with studies in neutrals, muted tones and monochromes are created using common household and construction tools, traditional palette knives, paintbrushes and found, broken and collected objects.

Laura experiments with both a purer form of painting with conventional approaches and a more sculptural form expressed through very thick, impasto, paint and non-conventional media including sand, ash and found objects. Her work evolves through the passage of time. We love how Laura's art holds space in compelling ways, allowing your mind to wander.

Laura Roebuck_Porter on a Cross-Country Train

Porter on a Cross-Country Train / 36 x 36

Laura Roebuck_Ode to FK_Franz Klein
Ode to FK (Franz Klein) / 9 x 12 (Sold)

Laura Roebuck_Fertile Soil Unexpected

Fertile Soil, Unexpected / 36 x 48 (Sold)

Laura Roebuck_Fertile Soil 2

Fertile Soil 2 / 30 x 20

Laura Roebuck_ True Level with Both of Us in the Tub

True Level With Both of Us in the Tub / 18 x 24

Laura Roebuck_Looking for the Blue
Looking for the Blue / 36 x 36

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