Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Orwell Horse

$ 1,200.00

"I love the existential nature of the 'rocking horse' as a metaphor for the existence of all living things/my own existence/absurdity/entertainment/reality/ hyperreality. Rocking horses are a way to measure time and measuring time doesn't really matter. I like that the Dadaist's got their name derived from the French word for 'hobby horse' –a rocking horse is pathetic, but alive for a moment more than most sculptures could ever be."

~ Austyn Taylor

Hands down the lesson for me, as an artist, has been faith in absurdity. Everything with a grain of salt, everything with friendly spirit, strengthening one's humor has never been more critical for survival! Bigger, simpler, happier! Each stands to defend your home if Beetlejuice were ever to bring them to life! ~ Austyn Taylor
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