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From Obi Kaufmann comes a grand adventure through time, geography, and ecology in California’s deserts in his book The Deserts of California. 

From the author of The California Field AtlasForests of California, and Coasts of California, this is a follow up that journeys through the Great Basin, Mojave, Colorado, and Sonoran Deserts. Obi pays special attention to national and state parks and monuments. From Joshua Tree to Death Valley, these deserts full of life, as the author and artist evokes them, are perfect places for meditating on our future, and for imagining a California that might thrive beyond the age of climate breakdown. 

Featuring hundreds of vivid watercolor maps and illustrations, blending art and science to breathtaking effect, Obi journeys through dozens of wilderness areas that reveal the underappreciated natural abundance of California’s arid lands.
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