Conversations with an Artist: Kalla McGuire of Küdd:krig


Kalla McGuire is the founder and designer of Küdd:krig, a home goods label out of Long Beach, CA. Küdd-krig are makers of ethically-sourced luxury pillows and blankets and minimalist furniture. We met Kalla and her husband Chris at a show and were attracted to the unique designs that capture the inspiration and aesthetics of the West Coast while also reminiscent of what we love about Scandinavian design (not to mention, the company name translates to "pillow fight" in Swedish). We hope you'll be as excited about these texturally cool, artfully made, unisex and cozy (the faux sherpa lining is ah-mazing!) pieces as we are!


Describe the moment you realized designing fed your soul.
As a young girl, I was always moving my bedroom furniture around, draping fabrics here and there, and just trying to create different spaces within my little place in world. Somewhere in my teen years, I got a taste for painting and creating compositions on canvas and paper. I remember feeling very intrigued with this process, but never fully satisfied. Through my twenties, I dabbled within both interior design and painting, but didn’t put the two together until a few years ago. Once these two mediums sort of fused together in my mind, it has been an endless stream of design ideas and creative fulfillment. I think finding the right medium has really unlocked what I’d been trying to convey for most of my life. My soul is feeling pretty good these days.

Kudd Krig at Poet and the Bench_pillows

What themes do you pursue in your craft?
Abstract art, obscurity, textural depth, and comfort.

Kuddkrig at Poet and the Bench

Kudd Krig at Poet and the Bench_Blanket

Tell us about what influences the direction for your home goods.
Modern art and sculpture play a big role in my inspiration, but I mostly create out of what I wish existed. Functional art, essentially.

How has your work developed over time?
Every season, I’ve found a little more confidence to push the envelope. I think my work is still evolving, and hopefully always will be, but each piece builds off of the last one, so there is a sort of natural growth there. I’d say the positive reaction I get from doing things a little differently has really given me the freedom to pursue that path. The direction has become more of what could be, as opposed to what is.

Kudd Krig at Poet and the Bench_blanket

What’s the most indispensable item in your studio?
There is one paint brush that I use daily, and couldn’t live without. Everything about it is perfect.  

Do you collect anything?
I’ve never considered myself a collector of anything, but if I’m really being honest, I have a very unreasonable collection of yarns. There’s some practicality to this, as it relates to my work, but the hunt is never satisfied, and the current inventory is pretty ridiculous. Sustainable yarns in particular hold a pretty special place in my heart.

Kudd Krig at Poet and the Bench_pillow

What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve seen, read, watched or listened to recently?
Seen: The Brancusi Exhibit at The Guggenheim
Read: William Mulholland’d Biography
Watched: Dries, A documentary on the Fashion Designer Dries Van Noten.
Listened to: The Moth (Podcast) Where real people tell a factual stories about their lives. Pretty much every story in every episode offers life changing perspective. 
What advice would you give to your younger self about your artistic journey?
Trust your instincts and give yourself the freedom to try and explore without concern of the outcome.

Kudd krig at Poet and the Bench

These babies take some time and craft to make. We have a limited collection just in time for a winter makeover and holiday gifts! Come by or give us a ring and we'll talk you through the collection... | 415.569.4383

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