Conversations with an Artist: MH Ceramics

Conversations with an Artist: MH Ceramics

Adi Mizrahi and Ron Hellmann of MH Ceramics are multi-hyphenate artists who bring a broad creative point of view to their pottery craft with nods to mid-century, Palm Springs aesthetics and balanced neutrals. 
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Stacking Rings Chain Stacking Rings by Metal Atelier Modern Punk Rock Jewelry in Mill Valley at Poet and the Bench

Conversations with an Artist: Metal Atelier

Anna Butwell of Metal Atelier practices sand casting in her jewelry collection. She tells us it gives her the ability to experiment with one form in multiple ways, which can accommodate slight idea changes on the spot. We love the results and excited to introduce you to this Berlin-living cool jewelry artist!
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Ian Hazard Bill Ceramics in Mill Valley at Poet and/the Bench

Conversations with an Artist: Ian Hazard Bill

We love Ian Hazard Bill's philosophy of ceramics as a way to build connections to life around you and how he has mastered the art of wood-firing. His culinary functional and home goods decorative vessels are modern rustic at their best. 
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Kikuko Kohno Wheel Thrown Porcelain Hand Illustrated Ceramics

Conversations with an Artist: Kikuko Kohno

Kikuko Kohno embraces narrative in such powerful and charming ways in her porcelain wheel thrown and illustrated ceramics that exemplify the connection to our hearts and minds. We so appreciate Kikuko's honesty in her work and look forward to delighting you with her fantastical worlds.
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Michael Cheney Alchemia Artist loves drawing and screenprinting skulls, skeletons and other characters.

Conversations with an Artist: Michael Cheney

We met Michael Cheney through the organization Alchemia which mentors neurodiverse adult visual and performing artists. Supporting their efforts by giving artists a platform became a passion of ours the more we got to know their programming and meeting some of the artists.
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Spacecat Ceramics Monsters by Amy Breed Mill Valley

Conversations with an Artist: Amy Breed of SpaceCat Ceramics

Amy Breed of Spacecat Ceramics delights in the most charming ways with her monster characters. Fun-loving creatures from her imagination, they bring joy during the best of times and a silly smile when it's needed most.
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Jaton Gunter Sommelier author of wine book Fruit In Glass

Conversations with an Artist: Jaton Gunter

Jaton Gunter is a certified Sommelier and author of Fruit in Glass, a book now in our shop that helps you navigate facts and myths about wine.
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Denise Carletta Fine Artist Ceramic Sculptures Human Figure

Conversations with an Artist: Denise Carletta

Denise has been a fine artist for decades and she would likely say that it's always been a part of her. It's a beautiful experience to dig in and see how her expression evolves as she keeps peeling away the layers. And with Denise's new body of sculptures of the human form, you'll no doubt see something reflected in you. 
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Adrienne Rogers Hand Knitted Textiles

Conversations with an Artist: Adrienne Rogers

Adrienne Rogers' stunning textiles wrap you in comfort in the most artful, sophisticated and luxurious ways. She practices hand-knitting, wet and dry felting, and creates hand-loomed pieces– each of which take months to make.

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Adeline Jewelry fine modern architectural rings at Poet and the Bench

Conversations with an Artist: Adeline Jewelry

We love the modernist, geometric and architectural  profiles of Lindsay Olson's jewelry. Her Adeline Jewelry collection is gender fluid– she creates both bold and elegant jewelry for any body's adornment.
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Anna Seva_Seva Design_Window Flowers_Poet and the Bench

Conversations with an Artist: Seva Floral

Anna Seva is Finnish-American so you know that we love her Scandi sense of minimalism right away! She's also a passionate truth-teller about the issues of the floral industry and aims to educate us all on how to be more sustainable and conscientious about the flowers we buy.
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Sarah Hanna Calligraphy Hand Lettering Quotes

Conversations with an Artist: Sarah Hanna

We met calligraphy artist and painter Sarah Hanna at an event and were captivated by her vivacious personality and supreme hand lettering talent. We've been bringing her into the shop ever since for live Valentines events, collaborations and to carry some of her paper and gift products. 

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