Art-Full Conversation

We are excited to present our first Art-Full Conversation. In this series, we are thoughtfully pairing a chef and one of our artists for a chat over a communal dinner where the convergence of food culture, art and inspiration meet.

We have always envisioned Poet and/the Bench to be a gathering place for lively dialogue, discovery and appreciation of artistic expression. This series broadens our mission through an amplified culinary experience. 

Volume 1: Encountering the Unexpected
Thursday November 14

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In the spirit of the traditional Souk, where wandering the mazes of a marketplace brings surprises around every corner, we are offering a thematic, regionally influenced menu to pair with our first Art-Full Conversation: Encountering the Unexpected, including 5 courses that are seafood and vegetarian forward. 

Augmenting the evening's sense of wonder, we will discuss artist Jeffrey Palladini's latest thesis, Thread Series, among other artworks. In his Thread Series, the random looping and twisting patterns of a dropped length of twine are a seductive metaphor for the way we get from our aims and dreams to the outcomes. 

The paths we follow undoubtedly have elements of the unexpected. This framework will be the foundation for compelling conversation.