First Tuesday Nov 5 with New Work from Jean Jack

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Tuesday November 5

Jean Jack / Open Road

"The images that arouse my curiosity are discovered on the open road. As I set out with my camera in an adventurous frame of mind, I criss-cross the country and seek inspiration for my work. Often it is on the fast-moving interstate where I discover, quite by accident, the perfect simplicity of a farmhouse or a barn. I am not interested in the details as much as the abstractions — the way the afternoon sun falls off a slanting roof, tall forsaken grass that cradles an old structure, or stairs that once led to a seaside path that now leads nowhere at all. The challenge is to catch the image with my camera from this inconvenient "backstage" angle." ~ Jean Jack

Featured image on the Blog main page is Hernandez Farmhouse, 48x48 oil on canvas.

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