Mariella Pilato / Ring / Light Box

$ 360.00


The high contrast and strong profile of these light box rings both draws in and reflects the light. Adorn your ring stack with this mood lifting accoutrement! Some of the light box rings have a high profile, others have a low profile.

"Much of the time I look at objects I have found and put them away until I know how I want to utilize them. These become part of ‘my collection’ which is purely to enjoy, to adorn my environment and inspire me." Read more about artist Mariella Pilato's artistic process by following the link in our Meet the Artist.


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Rough hewn crystal set in etched ring exterior. Stones and rings may differ slightly in crystal shape. Constructed and etched sterling silver. Handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Due to the use of natural minerals in the jewelry collection, natural impurities may be present and should be expected.
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