Maddalena Bearzi / Ring / Onda Ruggente Spuma Foamy Roaring Wave

$ 264.00

A wave roaring ("onda ruggente" in Italian) inspired the design of this unique handmade ring; a version of the original with a silver ball embedded at the center. Claim your fierce and wear this as a symbol of your strength.

"Every jewelry piece that I make is connected to nature and my life as a scientist. My background as a marine biologist plays a huge role in my creative process, and each of my jewelry pieces tells its own, unique, nature-inspired story. I think it’s important to always tell a story; it doesn’t matter if you write an article or a book, take a picture or make a piece of jewelry," says Maddalena.

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A sculptural ring that brings to life the imagery and sounds of the crash of waves by the sea.
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