Kikuko Kohno / Ceramics / Large Rim Plate

$ 110.00

This large plate in porcelain is a beautiful dish for presentation. The illustrated characters are from Kikuko's imagination and views from the colorful and rich experience of her world. 

The plate is wheel thrown and then decorated in an inlay technique. You can feel the moist whiteness and texture of the porcelain itself without using glaze on purpose. 

If item is out of stock, it can be made to order. Feel free to inquire

"I tend to fill my vessels with a lot of drawings because I am a painter from the start. However, the plate I prepared this time has a rim, so I dared not to draw too much on it, taking advantage of the beautiful rim and the straight shape of the vessel as much as possible. I hope you enjoy the refined and beautiful texture. And dishes with such a simple design tend to look beautiful and presentable when served."
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