Julems / Ceramics / Vase / Donut / Torus Collector

$ 610.00

OOAK donut vase by Judith Lemmens. The shape is known in mathematical terms as a torus and gives Judith the opportunity to explore new forms and a technical challenge each time. This one, with black, cream and white graphic details and glazes in rounded to square form is a shape shifter. Purely decorative, the Torus plays into Judith's love for stand-alone pieces that are meant to be on display.

"The three-dimensional aspect of the torus can’t be treated like the more singular surface of a vase or cylinder. The hole offers an entrance to the continuous shape. I try to complete each piece by examining the amount of surface that is glazed and/or decorated, and the parts that are left bare. The relationship and the proportion of these should create a harmonious balance and be pleasing to the eye, from every angle." ~ Judith Lemmens
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