Jeffrey Palladini / Fine Art / Painting / Fundamental Forces / The Long Look Back

$ 6,500.00

Artist Jeffrey Palladini tackles the thesis of the influence on our lives of things just outside our control. His Fundamental Forces is a reflection series that looks at what remains as time moves forward, but part of us doesn't change. These paintings are a meditation on our personal stimuli—memories, inspiration, longing, lust—even our dreams, which are involuntary and untethered.

Jeffrey offers a glimpse, an intense suggestion of these simplified details and goes one step further, offering a perspective on very real issues in society today. Again Again illustrates his unique vocabulary of dramatic figurative imagery, combined with compelling linear and pattern elements, which serve to enhance and inform the narrative of each work. 

The artist paints primarily on wood panels, most of which he builds himself in order that his purposeful brushstrokes can best be viewed. But in this case, Jeffrey has used China Plates! Jeffrey is also a master at outline and does not use any masking to draw his figures, environments or words.

"In these paintings are captured, in bright brief flashes, complex emotion and intense intimacy. With minimal information provided, to the viewer is left the imperative of exploring the vast remainder. From a movie still is extrapolated a full film of character, pacing, plot and script. From a paragraph, an entire novel. From a brief encounter, a lifetime of histories and potentialities. From a single windowpane spreads a wide, complicated landscape. From one charged moment, the story extends infinitely in all directions. As in memory, all is viewed in snapshots, in glimpses. Complex narratives, transformative events, entire lifetimes, boiled down to these singular points in time." ~ Jeffrey Palladini
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