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$ 25.00

I Married Me’s inspiring and symbolic Self-Wedding Kit comes with ceremony instructions, vows, and 24 affirmation cards (so you can continue the practice). We hope our kit serves as a roadmap to more self love and positive experiences. Whether one has a self-wedding for themselves or celebrates with a group of friends, we’re optimistic that through this genuinely inspirational practice love and happiness will spread.

We developed the I Married Me kit to provide a roadmap to positivity that brings a focus on affirming one's value and a way to increase happiness. We researched positive psychology and a key learning was that moments of positivity add up and a daily practice can actually train the brain for more positivity over time. If happiness is a skill one can cultivate, we recognized the critical role that self love plays and this comes with self awareness and self reflection. We also knew that maintaining a habit of self-care can be difficult with all of life's distractions so the affirmation cards help you create a daily ritual.
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