Denise Carletta / Fine Art / Sculpture / Torso 5 Female

$ 975.00

Torso sculpture by Denise Carletta, in white clay, mounted on stone, and beautifully formed for a side table, book shelf, on your coffee table or dining table as a centerpiece. The Female Torso sculpture is compelling, emotive and provocative.

"I have always lived what I felt, balancing on the rim of the bowl sort of speak, for which my art held me on and kept me from falling… By adding and taking away clay and mark making with my tools, personas emerge in a captured moment. I focus on minimal details to portray the story the figure has. The emotional weight of each piece is expressed thru that gesture. I am compelled to find the single gesture that captures the essential meaning of that figure’s story. This speaks to me on multiple levels." ~ Denise Carletta
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