We Moved! Visit us at 11 Throckmorton Avenue, Downtown Mill Valley

It happened just like that. An awesome friend texted she saw a space for lease in Downtown Mill Valley that would be so right for us. We've loved this community, how its welcomed us, been our friends, dropped off poems, shared in crazy interesting conversations, tasted sweet libations together, gathered in our shop, supported our edit and the artists we carry...Supported us through frustrating construction, big trucks, and street rescapings. Our lovingly discovery street, Locust Avenue, has served us well. You acknowledged us. We acknowledge you. 

And just like that, the lease was signed. Keys were handed over, awesome friends helped us remove mirrored walls, patch and paint and within mere days we found ourselves packing.

So we closed shop at 10 Locust. And less than a week later, we opened at 11 Throckmorton Avenue and El Paseo Lane. Seriously, that fast. We may be a bit of a work in progress, but we know you won't mind. We're super excited to be part of the Downtown Mill Valley Community.

Poet and the Bench_11 Throckmorton Ave_Mill Valley

Thank you to our Miller Ave and Locust Ave community for cheering us along the way. It's bittersweet to say goodbye to the first time. 

If you're Bay Area, come say hi in our new space, 11 Throckmorton (facing Throckmorton as well as El Paseo Lane). If you're not, we're launching ecommerce soon, soon. It's been many months' work and we're getting closer and closer. Meanwhile, follow us on Instagram!

We'll send an invite to the reopening party when we pick a date!


~ Bonnie & Jeffrey

11 Throckmorton_Poet and the Bench_Atelier 11 Throckmorton_Poet and the Bench_Custom Jewelry_Art_Found Goods_Home Decor
11 Throckmorton_Poet and the Bench_Jewelry_Home Goods_Unique Finds