Lingerie for Women in Treatment, Surviving and Previving Breast Cancer

Three years ago, we were introduced to Keira Kotler, a breast cancer survivor, artist and founder of Everviolet. At the time, Keira was in the throws of R&D for her lingerie collection. Having experienced the struggles during recovery of finding bras or camisoles that provided both comfort and femininity, Keira was inspired to solve the gap. 

Everviolet at Poet and the Bench

Keira's passion and persistence led her to push the limits of design, fabric selection, delicate yet thoughtful construction, lovely hardware accouterments and considered details unique to women in treatment. She created a range of beautiful, ultra feminine bras, bralettes, camisoles, briefs and even a kimono.

Bonnie Powers_Poet and the Bench_Everviolet

For Bonnie Powers, Poet and/the Bench co-founder and curator, meeting Keira was fortuitous. Bonnie is a BRCA2 mutation carrier, which put her at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. With a sister survivor of two breast cancers who also carries the mutation, Bonnie had been under surveillance for nearly two decades. Upon understanding her own probability of getting a breast cancer and ovarian cancer diagnosis, five years ago, Bonnie had a prophylactic double mastectomy and oophorectomy (to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes). She, too, couldn't find appropriate under garments and settled for less than desirable options.

When community is authentically at the heart of your mission, good happens. Once Everviolet was ready for launch, we were excited to help Keira. In December, we held an event at Poet and/the Bench to introduce Everviolet. We continue to support the brand as evangelists in the hope that her success brings beauty to more women in times of change.

Everviolet at Poet and the Bench

Everviolet_Poet and the Bench

Read more about our event collaboration in the lovely article by Sophia Markoulakis in the San Francisco Chronicle online and which was also published in the paper's Sunday Style section this past weekend. Photo Credits: Jana Asenbrennerova / Special to The Chronicle.

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