Live Calligraphy for Your Valentine

Saturday February 8

Celebrate love everyday, but especially this Saturday when we welcome the effervescent and supremely talented third-generation calligraphy artist Sarah Hanna in the shop.

Sarah will address your Valentine by name or phrase as a gift from us, with any purchase, even our new enchanting Truth to Paper Valentine's poem cards.

Sarah Hanna_Calligraphy

Sarah was born in Jamaica and grew up in Winter Park, Florida where she apprenticed in her mother’s studio. She learned the art of lettering and illustration with two generations of expertise in her DNA and hands. Sarah also earned her degree in advertising, amplifying her natural marketing abilities and the conceptual foundation of her craft.

Today, Sarah works out of her Sonoma-based studio, creating wedding and bespoke invitation sets, custom maps (like the one she illustrated for Poet and/the Bench), monograms, Letters from Santa and other commissioned designs and decor. With 20 years experience and lifetimes of ancestral memories, Sarah keeps the art alive with her own brand of sophistication and modern touch. We know you’ll enjoy her energetic vibes as much as her Artful Correspondence.

Curated Guide Our Favorite Places_Poet and the Bench x Sarah Hanna

In their creative venture, Truth to Paper, Marin-based artists Rachel Hebert and Kate Nicholson bring depth and connection to our world through visual art and written words. As a duo, they find that their collaboration brings even more energy and insight to their art and we all benefit from the beauty of this pairing.

Their collection of Valentine's Day (or really, any day you want to express your Love Day) cards are stunningly romantic and will pull at your heart strings. They are artful in themselves and are as great a gift to self as they are to a loved one. Come see the many ways they've given us to express this sublime emotion.Truth to Paper_Valentine_Cards