California Container with Louesa Roebuck

On View February

Join us Tuesday February 4th for a late night Art Walk in Downtown Mill Valley and on-going throughout the month for our feature artist, Louesa Roebuck.

Ojai-based Louesa Roebuck's monotypes touch a deep place of memory and are a container for her California story. Rooted in the sacredness of the place she has called home for more than two decades, they reflect her endless curiosity of Northern and Southern California landscapes.

Louesa paints on a 9-foot long glass table with water-based and non-toxic pigments and oils: gouache, walnut and sumi inks, olive oil and ash. She lays printmaking paper on the glass and proceeds with her technique of hand rubbing. Not knowing what surprises may reveal, after an intuitively felt period of time, she “pulls” the print and lets it dry. Each print is singular and completely unique.

"I keep quoting Guillermo del Toro, 'Seeing is love'," she tells us. "I try to create, write and paint with the least amount of human lens possible. To shut off the part of my brain that’s noise and truly tap into intuition, movement, color, line and what I've learned through a lifetime of observation of landscapes."

Come view the breadth of Louesa's artwork in the shop and read more in our Fine Art section and interview with the artist. 

Louesa Roebuck_Monotype_Monoprint_Poet and the Bench