Conversations with an Artist: Natasha Zoe Garrett of Roam Vintage

 Natasha Garrett_Roam Vintage | Poet and the Bench

We have been fans of Natasha's vintage clothing curation through her Roam Vintage collection. Her thoughtful selections dive deep into story–much like our mission of attaching narrative to the objects we carry–and her sophisticated approach to wardrobe styling translates timeless staples into modern looks. She does this now with the launch of an In House jewelry collection, inspired by the mythology of Orpheus and Eurydice as interpreted in the 1959 film Black Orpheus. The central characters in the movie and the Roam Vintage appetite for modernizing vintage discoveries have resulted in a capsule collection of sublime stacking and layering jewelry. We are honored to carry Natasha's collection, as much because of her integrity, talent, and celebration of black and brown voices, as the multi-generational friendships we have forged with her mother Kress Jack and her grandmother, the painter Jean Jack.

8 Questions

Describe the moment you realized art fed your soul.
Beautiful question. I think the things that feed our soul are the ones that make us feel absolutely present as we engage with them. That’s how I feel about art and design. When I see something inspiring my reaction is visceral. I am so in the moment and enraptured. It is both transportive and incredibly grounding. 

Roam Vintage x Danica Stamenic F/W Look Book. 📸 @jasonrenaud make up by @laquishaseams model @ourfriendhanna
One of our favorite Roam Vintage x Danica Stamenic F/W Look Book images. Photo credit Jason Renaud, MUA LaQuisha Seams, Model Hanna Gebrehiwet

What themes do you pursue in your craft?
It’s a melting pot really. I am both interested in modernism and folk art. Ancient practices and traditions, as well as the cutting edge. 

Natasha Zoe Garrett | Roam Vintage | Jewelry
Natasha Garrett / Photo Credit: Amber Marie Maalouf

Tell us about what influences the direction for your vintage collection and curation.
My influences are always evolving but deeply rooted in my California upbringing. There is always a through line of the natural (whether it be my color palette, the silhouettes or the fibers I am most drawn to). I am also greatly inspired by travel. I am fascinated by what people are creating all around the world.

Roam Vintage Orfeo Jewelry Collection_Image Credit jade_lauren
Photo Credit: Jade Lauren

How has your work developed over time?
My work is always refining and I am forever questioning what I put out into the world. I am always trying to lead with more and more authenticity and thoughtfulness in my approach to what I make, what I source and how I share it.

Orfeo Jewelry Collection by Roam Vintage | Natasha Garrett

What’s the most indispensable item in your studio?
My old painter’s drop cloth that I use as a backdrop for my shoots. I found it at a flea market under a vendor’s table. He wasn’t planning on selling it as he often used it as a tarp to display his wares on, but I convinced him to sell it to me and it’s really enhanced my shoots so much. It feels like a good luck charm to me.


Do you collect anything?
Baskets! It is nearly impossible for me to not buy a beautiful basket when I see one. 

Natasha Zoe Garrett_Basket_Collector

What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve seen, read, watched or listened to recently?
I watched a short film that the New York Times put out about the women behind the Quilts of Gee’s Bend and it was incredibly inspiring. The women are so humble about the beautiful art they are creating. There's no ego involved. To them, its the way they connect with source energy (God) and with their community and its a skill that’s been passed down by generations. I really love that.

What advice would you give to your younger self about your artistic journey?
Trust the process and trust yourself.

 Roam Vintage Orfeo Stacking Rings

It's a joy to witness the evolution of an authentic and creative spirit like Natasha. We're excited to share one of Mill Valley's own (Natasha grew up here) in our shop in Downtown Mill Valley and online. Come try on these gorgeous rings or order from the Orfeo Collection here.

Let's get stacking!

~ Bonnie & Jeffrey

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