7x7 Features Cute Coffee x Poet and the Bench

...While their approach to coffee is light-hearted, Brunson and Wilkes are intensely knowledgeable about their beloved beans and the entire process of making of coffee, from farm to cup. They take seriously their responsibility not just to promote fair wages for farmers and pickers, but to specifically seek out and collaborate directly with coffee operations that are run primarily by women and their families instead of going through established "fair trade" channels.

Cute Coffee is also one of the first products to be included in the ethical pantry at Mill Valley's Poet and the Bench, a sustainable champion of local artistry and craftsmanship.

Cute Coffee was "a great fit for us," says Bonnie Powers, co-owner and shop curator at Poet and the Bench. "We get to tell their story and also amplify the fact that they are two Black women in the LGBTQ space, and also this bigger story of their mission to work almost exclusively with women-led farms."

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