Cute Coffee / Marigold Cachí Orosí Valley

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August 2020 New Arrival! These beans are eponymously named Marigold after the producer. She's here to fulfill your coffee dreams with Costa Rican river vibes at 1200 meters above sea level. That's Marigold, her daughter Ceci and their farm in the slide show. Beans are procured and roasted to perfection by Cute Coffee, a women-led BIPOC brand out of Oakland, CA, also pictured.

Tasting Notes:
Tutty Fruity, Cherry, Strawberry, Apples, Citrus, Chocolate. The rich earthy chocolate rounds out the fruity notes!

How it works:

  • Small batch roasted, limited availability
  • Orders need to be placed by Sunday night
  • Roasting takes place on Mondays
  • Deliveries will arrive at Poet and/the Bench on Thursdays for local pick up or shipping
  • Note: A minimum amount of bags from Poet and/the Bench are needed for Cute Coffee to process a perfect roast. If we haven't met the minimum we'll let you know and push your order to the following week.

The first week of the roast is actually a time of CO2 off-gassing from the coffee. The CO2 traps flavors that have not been released, this is a good thing! So, Cute Coffee always wait a few days to try a new roast. Freshly roasted coffee is best enjoyed 2-3 weeks from the roast date.

Limited Edition:
Experience this coffee until the supply runs out (reorder until we show out of stock). We'll keep introducing you to Cute Coffee's next batch, from new growers and new locations! 

Part of our Ethical Pantry, we love the story of Cute Coffee and Zalmari Estate... Cute Coffee cupped 10 coffees from the Farmers Project in Costa Rica and the Marigold, from the Zalmari Estate, was one of their favorites. Zalmari Estate has farm production methods combined with environmentally friendly practices to produce delicious coffee in harmony with nature. / MICRO MILL. Since 1997, milling is done with reduced amounts of water which goes to the settling ponds after the process is completed. / CARBON FOOTPRINT FRIENDLY. The farm and micro mill have successfully completed the required carbon footprint mitigation actions established by the first agricultural NAMA in the world (National Appropriate Mitigation Actions). Reducing the use of fertilizers, using water and energy more efficiently, supporting new agroforestry systems in coffee, and undertaking audits to determine their carbon footprint. / WOMEN CARE CERTIFIED. WCC was created to strengthen sound policies and enforceable legislation for equality and to integrate women into the supply value chain. Part of their mission is to develop worldwide awareness for a healthier planet and promote the empowerment of women in a system that guarantees equal opportunities at all levels of decision making. 
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