Jean Jack Farmhouse Paintings

Maine-based Jean Jack examines her interest in the strong lines of architecture in the context of weathered beauty. Her oil paintings of barns and farmhouses, while based on photographs she takes, are a shift in perspective through the exquisite arrangements where the buildings fit themselves into the landscape, and the sky fills in the spaces between the two.

Jean conveys the quiet dignity of these architectural shapes as she rearranges them, composes them in varying color relationships, and emphasizes the specific beauty of different forms. She loves these buildings for their imperfections and idiosyncrasies; and it is both impossible and unimportant to know exactly when or where these places exist, because they are creations of the artist.

Follow this link to view Jean's works for sale at Poet and/the Bench.

Jean Jack_Hernandez Farmhouse
Hernandez Farmhouse / 48x48 (Sold)

Jean Jack_Hernandez Farmhouse_in situ

Jean Jack_Days Gone By

Days Gone By / 30x30 (Sold)

Jean Jack_Kayak Waiting
Kayak Waiting / 48x48 (Available)

Jean Jack_Watching
Watching / 36x36 (Available)

Jean Jack_Exquisite Farmhouse 1
Exquisite Farmhouse #1 / 22x54 (Sold)

Jean Jack_Rosberry Farm
Roseberry Farm / 48x48 (Sold)

Jean Jack_Elegant Simplicity
Elegant Simplicity / 36x48 (Sold)

July 2021: New work just landed. Come by and see more inviting paintings.

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