Jeffrey Levin / Ring / Signet with Rose Gold Scarab

$ 450.00

Jeffrey reimagines the classic Signet Ring, reworking it with feminine lines and using it as a canvas for other pretty and handsome things, like this contrasting scarab adornment in 14K rose gold with a star set white diamond.

If item is out of stock, it can be made to order. Feel free to inquire

“The scarab beetle takes many ornamental forms. My favorite interpretation is the belief that the scarab pushed the sun into the sky at the dawn of each day—giving life to all living things. In honor of my mother Rosette who regularly wore a scarab ring, I designed this scarab beetle signet to honor her and the passage of the sun.”

~ Jeffrey Levin, jewelry designer & Poet and/the Bench co-founder

Hand carved ring, then cast in sterling silver with Jeffrey's signature 14K rose gold scarab. Additional personalizations, such as stamped, engraved or adorned charm initials can be ordered, feel free to inquire! Jeffrey Levin practices lost wax casting, first carving his jewelry out of wax which gives these pieces a beautiful, organic feel that's perfectly imperfect.
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