DJ Macoe / Music Mixtape / Volume6 / Dessert for Dinner

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Macoe x Poet and/the Bench
Mixtape 6 - Dessert for Dinner

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“For me, music is a core need, like food. But even more specifically, like dessert—I wouldn’t die without it but it’s what gives my life sweetness. Actually, listening to music you love makes your brain release more dopamine, just like sugar does. I hope this mix brings you as much pleasure as it brought me while I was making it.

~ Macoe 

We are so excited to showcase Macoe's music curation talents as a free streaming, non-commercial gift of good vibes– bringing you some brightness and light as we emerge from the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic and sweetly move forward in parallel with the new year and fresh starts. 

Listen to our previous mix with Macoe, Emerge : Awaken

Playing music during COVID helped nurture us through the challenges and we figured we weren't alone. As we emerge into a new normal, we wanted to bring some fresh vibes to give us moments of swimming in the sunshine of life.
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