Chelsey Dyer / Paper / Greeting Cards

$ 6.00

We love the simplicity, bright pops of color and cheeky sayings on Chelsey Dyer's greeting cards. There's so many that are our favorites, we can't choose just one! We love that a mom sent "You're kind of my favorite" to each of her 4 kids. That "Hey, You're Rad" was not only a term of endearment, but the recipient's nickname! And the brief, but highly expressive, "Welcome Tiny Human" that is the perfect announcement for a new addition to the family.

There's something special about a handwritten note. That extra touch that of human connection that comes from you to the receiver. Chelsey's cards are counter worthy, with their minimalist aesthetic, organic shapes and color palette that will have you collecting and giving these greeting cards Forever, Ever!
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