Otsuka Forge / Culinary / Knife / Custom Japanese Knives

$ 360.00

The simplest of tasks are elevated with these handcrafted knives by Otsuka Hamaonokaji–made in the mountains of the Tottori Prefecture, Japan. As beautiful as they are functional, we call it the meditation of knife work. And as each knife is handmade by the artist for you specifically, it will have a slightly different expression person to person. 

Each knife is custom made based on your answers to a questionnaire about how you cook–home chef or professional. Your signature move (eg making sauces, expert julienne or brunoise skills, sashimi prep, etc). Special skill (eg gardening, building, fire fighting, etc). We'll take measurements of the size of your hand, a picture of your hand and the select knife or knives you want, with which handle (walnut or cherry) and a few other details. 

A most bespoke gift for self and others. To build a collection of Otsuka San's knives is truly a rare opportunity.

Aogami #1 is used for knives because the steel delivers a very hard, high performance. It also has higher carbon. What separates Otsuka San’s knives from other Japanese knives you often see on the US market is that he still uses a traditional coke forge, with designs and temperature control techniques that have been unchanged for centuries. This allows the steel to maintain its precious carbon while it is being heated, unlike gas forges that strip carbon from steel. Because of the carbon, it will take on a patina through use as it oxidizes but this does not affect performance, it only gives it a unique character all its own.
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