Jeffrey Levin / Necklace / Pistachio Wood Oval with Diamond

$ 500.00

Jeffrey expands his wood collection with a stunning statement necklace using reclaimed wood, gorgeously reused. He cuts the wood to best feature the beauty of the graph lines, from creamy brown to pink-brown. He also makes a setting for a single diamond and pins it through the wood, while setting the two in a large oval sterling setting on chain. 

If item is out of stock, it can be made to order. Feel free to inquire

Stunning reclaimed pistachio wood in oval setting featuring a tiny white diamond drop in sterling silver setting pinned through the wood. Pistachio is sustainably reclaimed and recycled wood. Jeffrey Levin practices lost wax casting, first carving his jewelry out of wax which gives these pieces a beautiful, organic feel that's perfectly imperfect.
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