Mariella Pilato / Necklace / Crystal Lightbound Pendant

$ 312.00

This simple yet elegant pendant is comprised of a framework of etched and oxidized silver, which encases a singular rough-hewn rock crystal. We love how the geometry of modern architecture calls to artist Mariella Pilato in a unique way: she seeks to replicate the strong lines and patterns on a smaller scale in her jewelry.

If item is out of stock, it may be able to be made to order.

Rock crystal point set in etched and oxidized sterling silver on handmade oxidized 925 sterling silver chain necklace. This necklace is adjustable to 16", 18" and 33" for your preference. Constructed and etched sterling silver. Handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Due to the use of natural minerals in the jewelry collection, natural impurities may be present and should be expected.
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