Maddalena Bearzi / Ring / Due Balena Whales

$ 215.00

Two wild whales ready to dive into the water at sunset inspired the design of this adjustable and elegant ring. 

We love the bold meets activism aesthetics of this duo of whale tails. Maddalena is a marine biologist in addition to a designer and was inspired by a whale diving freely into the ocean. Balena (Italian for whale) is a statement against whales and dolphins being kept in captivity. Something we can all get behind! 

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As a scientist, Maddalena holds a Ph.D. in Biology and works as President of the research and environmental non-profit Ocean Conservation Society. She has studied whales, dolphins and other marine mammals in the field for over 25 years and has published two books. She also works as photojournalist and blogger for several publications, including the National Geographic.
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