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$ 185.00

New! Custom fit permanent jewelry bracelets and anklets without a clasp that we join on your wrist or ankle at Poet and/the Bench in Mill Valley. This permanent bracelet or anklet chain style is our "Together" tiny paperclip link chain. Celebrate a moment... with yourself or others! While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend that you secure your chain by booking an appointment–it will add the chain to your shopping cart at the same time! #getlinked #doittogether

"Together" Permanent Jewelry Chains
The tiny paperclip chain is a modern elongated flat link in 14k solid gold and made in Italy. We use solid gold for its durability and radiant shine and delicate styled chains because we want to be sure if you need to snip if off you can! It’s fun to wear one or many thin dainty bracelets together. 

Permanent bracelets and anklets are joined without a clasp so you don't ever take it off until it breaks or it is snipped off, like a forever bracelet or friendship bracelet. In-house jeweler Jeffrey Levin welds the bracelet for you himself. The welding or linking/zapping/fusing process is pretty quick, non-invasive and totally painless. 

Accessorize your Together permanent bracelet or anklet with Jeffrey Levin’s super cute tiny charms. Pending availability, this may include: tiny hearts, tiny flowers, tiny skulls, tiny moon, tiny star, tiny fish, tiny initials, tiny medallions and tiny diamond drops! All hand carved first in wax by Jeffrey and then cast.

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Read more about Permanent Jewelry in the Details below including an FAQ we recommend reviewing prior to getting linked.

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If item is out of stock, you can pre-order, or if you need a different size, please 
inquire. Note, pricing is for link chains only and are based on the market price of gold per ounce; charms are in addition. 

Permanent jewelry is quite poetic… It creates a memory keepsake of a special occasion or milestone. It’s also a personal, sentimental permanent bond you create together with your besties, siblings, kids, bridesmaids, a commitment bond with your significant other, or a commitment to yourself.
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