Terasu / Culinary / Grill / Spatula

$ 240.00

Hand forged grill spatula is both artful and functional. Part of a three-piece set design, including Grill Spoon and Tongs–all tools are beautiful and robust yet lightweight. A Terasu design collaboration between Oakland and Sausalito based metalsmiths. Spatula is two piece construction forged by Jorgen Harle in Oakland and riveted by Kurtis Major in Sausalito to 1095 carbon steel with just the right amount of flex.  

These tools aim to begin a new conversation around design and function–so that the user can feel something deeper and gain a clearer sense of the implications of cooking over fire. "Whether cooking directly over nothing but a small fire, or using some form of mild steel like a large plancha or cast iron pan, it felt awkward to wield highly treated, machine stamped aluminum or stainless cooking tools. After several discussions around fires for different occasions, we dove into designing and prototyping a set of tools that are better suited to real grilling- by way of using pure materials, and simple strong designs with longer handles, driven by traditional forging methods." ~ Terasu
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