Poet and the Bench / Tea / Hello The Sun

$ 26.00

3.5 oz bag of organic luxury loose leaf tea

Our new luxury tea will put a little sparkle in your morning  with our invigorating and earthy everyday wake-up call. An aromatic blend of certified organic loose leaf hojicha and peppermint leaf tea and cacao shells. We spent months sourcing just the right ingredients and Jeffrey blended over 40 different recipes until we landed on a perfectly refreshing union of flavors. Drink in our new Element Mug, a collaboration with Julems Ceramics. 

Caffeine level: light

Ingredients: certified organic hojicha and peppermint teas and organic cacao shells

For a perfect cup: heat water to 180 degrees, add 1.5 teaspoons for each 8oz cup to an infuser and steep for 5 minutes.

Rise and shine!

Our Hello the Sun Tea is part of our Atmosphere Collection, which is all about sinking in. Sinking in to the moments in between. It’s about giving ourselves time to be idle and awoke to what’s around us. It’s that delicious ability to both recognize the space of just being—and to enjoy being in it. It’s a kind of healthy hedonism because the ingredients are clean, natural and decadent.
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