WOW! Lady Gaga Wearing Jeffrey Levin Dog Tag Necklace!!

We’re feeling pretty extra over here. THE Lady Gaga wearing our very own Jeffrey Levin Gold Dog Tag with Tiny Heart necklace. TWICE!

We love how playful she is, how totally badassery she is, 💯 inclusive, freakin talented, passionate about her fans and supporting smaller emerging and indie designers in many parts of her life…

Vibing to the ‘Chromatica’ remix album while playing around with the Disney filter on Instagram, wearing Jeffrey Levin small yellow-gold dog tag necklace with rose-gold heart!

Check out the Insta post here. 

Gaga always assumes a new fashion alter ego to go with a new album—and this one looks like it could be her most wonderfully weird yet.

Also TU to super fan @lamaisongaga for the sweet obsession!!

Lady Gaga Wearing Jeffrey Levin Dog Tag Necklace on Instagram with Disney Filter

La Maison Gaga features Jeffrey Levin Dog Tag on Lady Gaga

La Maison Gaga regularly features Lady Gaga's fashion–current and past. Names each designer and helps prop up small indy artists and shops like ours!

In May 2021, wrapping up the movie, House of Gucci, Lady Gaga says goodbye to Italy and her fans, with yellow tulips on Rome's cobblestones. She's wearing Jeffrey's Dog Tag, peaking underneath her vintage Chanel scarf.

Lady Gaga wearing Jeffrey Levin Dog Tag in Rome saying goodbye to fans after wrapping the House of Gucci

I would like to thank all of Italy for supporting me during the shooting of the film: I hug you and kiss you, I believe in you, I pray for my homeland, a country built on the promise of hard work and on family. I hope I have made you proud. I am proud to be Italian. ~ Lady Gaga

We also had a fun moment when it was discovered that Lady Gaga wore the Variance Objects One of a Kind Day to Night Earrings that were only available at Poet and/the Bench. Gifted to her (unbeknownst to us), these are the coolest modular earrings. You can wear them with just the diamond hook earrings or add the emerald and diamond modular long stems for even more stunning. 

Lady Gaga wears Variance Objects Emerald and Diamond Day to Night Earrings

La Maison Gaga features Variance Objects Day to Night Earrings on Lady Gaga bought at Poet and the Bench

Can we just tell you… we’re not about celebrity, we don't seek it out. We're super passionate about getting our designers and artists visibility and creating mutual successes for all. Jeffrey has had a long career in jewelry and it's just super cool in so many ways that an artist like Lady Gaga is wearing his jewelry. We just had to take a moment to gush!!