Travelogue: Oregon


We’ve been so inspired by the Sonoma Coast we were curious what we’d find if we kept driving north. We closed shop and ventured to Oregon.

Sundial Bridge, one of the world’s largest working sundials

A lovely respite 125 miles from the Oregon border and designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, you can observe the magical telling of time at Sundial Bridge between the hours of 11am-3pm (excepting winter). The translucent glass bridge reflects the Sacramento River below. Bring hydration and your own shade in summer, it’s plenty hot.

Sundial Bridge

Dynamic geologic features made from wind and wave action

The Oregon coast is replete with dramatic and bizarre rock formations with names like Haystack Rock, The Needles, Arch Rock and The Three Graces. We loved the scenic views in Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Cape Kiwanda, Neskowin Beach, Yachats, Coos Bay, Gold Beach and Brookings.

…from this point I beheld the grandest and most pleasing prospects which my eyes ever surveyed.

~ Lewis & Clark

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cape Kiwanda, OR

There’s nothing like exiting a cottage door and walking barefoot onto a secluded beach
An escape from the summer crowds brought us to the small town of Yachats and the serenity of a nearly private beach for night time and early morning walks.

Yachats, OR

Hart’s Cove Trail, Neskowin (near Lincoln City)
A moderate 5.75 mile hike takes you through Hart’s Cove, a lush Sitka and hemlock spruce rain forest with a foot cushion of fallen leaves. It opens onto a vast meadow where you can hear the bellows of the sea lions from the coves below. Continue on the switchback trail to the stunning cliff sides for a picnic at the waterfall.

Hart's Cove, OR

No shortage of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, craft brews, ciders, caffeine and fermented goodness
Our faves: 1. mole and stuffed chile relleno 2. chai and Indian street food 3. gluten-free energy oat bars 4. the tastiest vegetable latkes and fermented yum with a splash of lavender kombucha. Try them at:

  1. Verde Cucina, Portland
  2. Bollywood Theater, Portland
  3. Bread and Ocean, Manzanita
  4. Yachats Brewing, Yachats

A subterranean music lounge
The 50’s modern meets Northwest aesthetic of the Doug Fir in Portland was an intimate setting for the two singer-song writers we were lucky to hear. Vikesh Kapoor delivered moody storytelling, followed by the UK’s Benjamin Francis Leftwich a gentle, haunting voice, pure and simple.
Portland gave us a few gems — don’t miss Mississippi and Alberta Avenues
Architectural, vintage, industrial, plant life, art, adornments… a few of our favorite things. We’re leaving out one mystery designer to be revealed at Poet and/the Bench sooner than later. Stay tuned!
Appetite Shop
Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
Alder & Co
Land Gallery
Grand Marketplace

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