Summer Soulstice Soiree with The Hivery

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Let’s celebrate under the twinkling lights and cobblestone charm of Mill Valley’s famous El Paseo alleyway.

We’ll gather, sip, do a creative project, create with flowers, and celebrate summer vibes in El Paseo Lane and inside Poet and/the Bench.

You will celebrate in style with an experiential art project with Rachel Hebert of Truth to Paper, delicious nibbles with Leaf and Sage cuisine, yummy blood orange wine spritzers by Mommenpop of Napa, DIY floral designs, and plenty of time and space to connect with community.

All of this amidst the stunning and thought-provoking artwork and jewelry curated by Poet and/the Bench, representing local artists. And guided by the community of The Hivery, an inspiration lab where smart and dynamic entrepreneurs, writers, and creatives go to get mentorship, training, resources, connections, and the kind support you need to create a business and life that matters.

We’ll have a permanent jewelry studio with Poet and/the Bench jeweler and co-founder, Jeffrey Levin. Appointments and additional payment are required for permanent jewelry. See below.

Whether you're new to The Hivery or a long-time member, this is the easy-going, in-person, summer evening you've been waiting for. 

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21ST, 6pm to 8pm
Poet and/the Bench
11 Throckmorton Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Tickets are $25 for Hivery members and $35 for non-members. RSVP Here. 

Interested in booking a permanent jewelry appointment at the event?
After you register for the event below, you can separately book your appointment here for the permanent jewelry option. Buy 2 permanent bracelets and you’ll get 1 of the bracelets at 20% off. Pre-purchase two with code DOITTOGETHER.

We’re especially excited to announce and unveil The Hivery Inspiration Stations in the Poet and/the Bench alleyway. These tiny pop-ups of Hivery creativity and inspiration prompt you to gather, connect, create, ponder, question, journal, and ideate while lingering and window-shopping into the creative genius that lies inside Poet and/the Bench’s curation of art, design, and jewelry.

Don’t hesitate to bring a friend or come alone to the Soiree and mingle with The Hivery community!

Guests will enjoy complimentary lite bites by Leaf and Sage and samplings of local wine spritzer by Napa's Mommenpop under the twinkle lights in Mill Valley’s most charming alley. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Poet and/the Bench is hosting the event in partnership with The Hivery

We are proud to showcase Amanda Denny’s company Leaf & Sage, a plant-based cuisine run by an amazing Hivery member! Follow her work on Instagram @leafandsage

And thanks to female winemaker Samantha Sheehan who is providing us with Mommenpop Blood Orange Wine Spritzers! Made with organic, just-picked whole citrus (peels and all) to maximize flavor and fragrance. Combined with Samantha’s organically-farmed wines, the end result is a refreshing and perfectly-balanced beverage (with no added sugar, sulfur, dyes or flavorings). Follow on Instagram @mommenpop

Nicola Parisi for Mommenpop Napa Wine Spritz

We look forward to seeing you!