Group Artist Reception & Trunk Show

Sept 14
Group Artist Reception & Trunk Show

Join us for a multi-artist event with painters Jeffrey Palladini and Laura Roebuck, pop art sculpture artist Austyn Taylor (in town for the Varda Artists Residency in Sausalito) and jewelry designer Mariella Pilato (in town from Bali). 

In Mill Valley there are also a few other fun events to get your inspiration on... The Mill Valley Arts Festival and our neighbor in the lane Alexander's Artisan Rugs shop anniversary party with live and DJ music.

Help us celebrate some of the artists and makers that are part of the Poet and/the Bench story.


Jeffrey Palladini
A painter that references current cultural themes, Jeffrey Palladini invites us to experience his fascination with both captured moments and things that are just outside of our control.  
Jeffrey Palladini_Again

Laura Roebuck
The abstract paintings of Laura Roebuck use gestural movement, the interplay of color, shape, and texture and intuition to
hold space in compelling ways. 
Laura Roebuck_Fertile Soil 2

Austyn Taylor
In town for a rare appearance, worldwide artist in residence-based 
Austyn Taylor’s figurative and animist work marries Austyn’s view on contemporary design with pop culture.
Austyn Taylor_Vision

Mariella Pilato
In town from Bali, Italian designer Mariella will share her bold statement jewelry pieces that marry style and innovation.
Mariella Pilato_Jewelry