Icons of Unconditional Love & Optimism

Bigger! Simpler! Happier!

Fresh from ceramic artist Austyn Taylor, comes new work as tall as 48" high with a message to match. She tells us: "My focus on this series has been unconditional love, optimism and faith in humanity to self-educate and do the right thing. 

These pieces become your family once you bring them into your space and act as a beacon of goodwill, good luck and people's innate goodness shining through. At the same time the works aren't wimps, each stands to defend your home if Beetlejuice were ever to bring them to life!"

Austyn Taylor XL Ceramic Sculptures Love Optimism Hope

Austyn's ceramic sculptures are hand built, glazed and fired in a gas kiln. Each XL sculpture takes approximately 2 weeks to build, 4-6 weeks to dry, spends 3-4 days in the kiln with constant attention to control the atmosphere and after another week of finishing are ready for their new existence! 

This Happy Team has arrived along with a few new pals. Come visit these good luck totems. Or if you're not local, let us know if you'd like a Facetime tour. You can view the full collection by Austyn Taylor online here.

With wonder and delight,
Bonnie and Jeffrey