7 Ways to Cultivate Happiness

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to rewire itself and this can occur with new experiences and with repetition. Said another way, positive mental states add up and can reshape us over time. ...Which then leads to feelings of more happiness. We’ll take some of that, please!

So, what kinds of practices can create more positivity?

  1. Repetition of self care rituals. Because consistent routines that enable us to be calm, less anxious and more patient positively impact social and emotional learning (Neuroscientist Richard Davidson) 
  2. Share laughter with family and friends. Because cultivating and co-creating positive emotions that elicit joy creates an upward spiral over time and has the incidental effect of building on your physical, intellectual and social skills (Barbara L Fredrickson) 
  3. Say thanks to share your appreciation of others and end each day noticing the good. Because a gratitude practice strengthens social relationships and enables us to savor positive experiences, cope with stress, and be resilient (Harvard Business School’s Francesca Gino). Have we told you lately you’re the best!!?!
  4. Cultivate a “Life is a gift” worldview.  Because investing energy in developing or maintaining an outlook of optimism helps achieve optimal psychological functioning (Emmons and McCullogh)
  5. Avoid that which detracts from your well-being. Because positive activities are waaaay better on your brain than maladaptive behaviors (Lyubomirsky, Sheldon, Schkade)
  6. Turn on some music you love. Because your brain releases more dopamine, which is a crucial neurotransmitter for humans’ emotional and cognitive functioning (Laura Ferreri) And you know we love us some grooving tunes!
  7. Get moving. Because movement throughout the day, in any way, not just vigorous exercise, correlates to feelings of happiness (Gillian Sandstrom) Again, music and then, dancing! Even if that just means, swaying… 

What is clear from so much research, much more than what is listed above, you have the tools to cultivate happiness! This isn't one-size fits all nor an attempt at simplifying the face of happiness. It's also important to acknowledge that for many, this is very difficult and daunting. How we each translate and emote happiness is as individual as we each are. 

And if you know us, we totally enjoy giving little nudges of happiness through our curation. Creativity, curiosity and imagination help us tend to our passions, resulting in a nurturing effect that aids in well-being. 💕

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~ Bonnie & Jeffrey