Vintage / Vase / Stoneware Narrow Bottle Vase

$ 140.00

These stoneware vessels are a study in neutral and earth tones. Great for layering with foraged flowers or dried florals, the pale canay glazed bottle was sourced in the Czech Republic, originating in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) as a mineral water bottle. From a former lemons merchant, we can imagine the selection of the glaze was inspired by the citrus. Also found in Eastern Europe, the caramel glazed, was originally from Germany; and the butterscotch glazed has a small pour spot.

Sourced in the Czech Republic, Germany and other areas of Eastern Europe. For your kitchen counter to store olive oil, dining table decor, to elevate your book shelfie, or give love to your home office space. Originally used for storing mineral water, olive oil or vinegar.
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