Vintage / Chair / Mid Century Side Chair / Eames

$ 475.00

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” ~ Charles Eames. This is the iconic shell chair, a first generation molded fiberglass side chair, with visible fibers in the texture. The color, in Parchment (we're pretty sure!), is one of the first set of neutrals they selected to fit in with the greatest number of environments. Maybe it's made for yours!

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Charles and Ray Eames went beyond the consideration of tone and hue. They specifically chose to use integral colors—colors that completely permeate the material. As distinguished from applied color, integral color is longer lasting, and doesn’t chip or flake. In a 1954 letter to British engineer Frank Newby, Charles explained that “The finish can be seen as an integral part of the chair and is not later applied, but rather forced around the glass fibers as molded.”
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